Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meeting Sunday at Adath Israel


Pardon the radio silence again.  I've been spending all my idle hours working on the presentation for tomorrow's (January 29th) meeting at Adath Israel.   This will be an interactive presentation with video, audio, pictures, some surprises and a chance for you to contribute your memories, too.

If you can make it, I think you'll come away entertained and informed.   I hope it will bring back memories and inspire you to record those memories for your children and grandchildren.

 This is a brief description of the program...

What happened to the Jews of Trenton?  

7,000 Jews lived in Trenton in the 1930's.   Many were concentrated in a small area, bounded by Broad, Market and Warren Street; an area that is now a low income housing complex and the Hughes Justice Center.

Last March, Adath Israel hosted an Adult Education meeting on the Jews of New Jersey.  It resulted in an overflow crowd and gave birth to a blog, the Trenton Jewish Project.  Now, less than a year and more than 12,000 page views later, Ed Alpern will give us an update on this endeavor.   With readers from New Zealand to Israel and across the country, the Trenton Jewish Project is bringing the dispersed members of a once vibrant community together again.  It is rekindling warm memories, opening a dialogue between generations and helping to preserve the history of a pocket of Jewish population that thrived in its time and spread its seeds throughout Central New Jersey and beyond.  By combining archival photographs, interviews and social media, the Trenton Jewish Project is an opportunity to add your voice and create a living history of a time and place worth remembering.

Bring your memories, memorabilia and ideas and become part of this exciting project.  

 Looking forward to it.   Coffee and donuts at 9:30, program starts at 10am.   There is no Sunday school tomorrow at Adath Israel, so we have the place to ourselves.