Monday, May 23, 2011

The Conversation continues-Sol Weinstein Pt. 2

Hello again.  A couple of housekeeping notes before we continue our conversation with Sol Weinstein.

I have posted more than 40 new pictures to the gallery that is linked to this blog.  They cover all different time periods.   Some have names of people in the pictures, others don't.   Please look at them and see if you can positively ID anyone. 

You will also see on the right side that Rita Allen from Har Sinai has an announcement about an event coming up in early June about the Flood of 1955.

I also have uploaded a couple of pictures that Mitzi (Snyder) Foreman gave me during our March meeting.  One is of her family's Sporting Goods store.  The other is of the 1945 "Y" Senior Gym Class.

now...this week I continue my conversation with Sol Weinstein that was recorded last week.   This week Sol gives us some insight into how he realized that he had a gift for comedy and what he took from Trenton and growing up here.


A Conversation with Sol Weinstein-Part 2

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