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Thank you to the more than 100 people who came to Congregation Adath Israel on Sunday morning, January 29th.  I wasn't in the audience, but from where I was standing, it was a fantastic meeting.  I hope it was as interesting to you as it was to me.

So many of you came to the meeting with pictures, documents and memories and I certainly have new material to add to the blog.  I loved the lively discussions that took place and thank all who participated.  Even the ones that I put on the spot.

If I singled out anyone, I would insult those who I don' I'm going to be politically correct.

I will make one exception here.  If you were at the meeting, you heard me point out a 9th grader at Hopewell Valley Sr. High School who is working on a research project for Har Sinai.  His name is Jordan Antebi and the week before the meeting, he contacted me by e-mail and told me about his work.  The e-mail was exceptionally well-written.  It was so well written that when I showed it to an attorney friend of mine with a son attending the Pennington School.  He commented that he wished his son, who was a senior, could write that well.

Jordan's research project is on organized anti-semitism in Mercer County in the 1920's.  A particular focus for him are the activities of the Bund and the America First Committee and their plans for the Jews in this area.  Sunday night, I did a little Googling and found an article about a KKK rally in Hamilton in 1924, which was fascinating.   Here's the link. Apparently, the city fathers in Trenton wouldn't allow the Klan to assemble, but Hamilton had no problem with it.  They marched right along the Hamilton-Trenton border and wound up at Springdale Park, which is now owned by the Trenton Archdiosece was owned by the KKK at the time.   Jordan is looking into the Lindbergh connection and his involvement in anti-semitic activities.  If you have any information that might be useful for Jordan, please leave comments on the blog or e-mail me at  I will pass them along.

For those of you who couldn't make it to the event on Sunday, whether it was because you live 4 continents away, on another coast, or whether the meeting was scheduled too early, I am posting the first part of the meeting here.  The rest will go up in the coming days.  Special thanks to my son Joe, for shooting the video. 

So, here you go.

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