Sunday, February 16, 2014

The History of the Jews of Trenton and Adath Israel--February 2, 2014--Part 2



This is the third-third of the talk I gave on Febraury 2, 2014 at Adath Israel, looking at the history of the synagogue as we celebrate its 90th Anniversary.

The first-third is already published and available here.  The second-third wasn't recorded, as we were forced out of the building by a smell of something burning.   It's my goal to post something about that period in a future post.  During that portion of my talk, we looked at various documents that I found in two scrapbooks that belonged to the second Rabbi at Har Zion, Rabbi Leon Liebreich, who served from 1927-1945.   My guess is that I will take the slides I showed during that part of the talk and create a voice track.

Thanks to everyone who came to The Adath for this event and to those taking the time to watch this movie.


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