Monday, April 11, 2011

Trenton Jewish Project update

Greetings all.

I am not a numbers person, but I am totally astounded by the power of the Internet.   I met with the Adath Israel Adult Education committee in late February to discuss plans for the March 13th meeting at which Professor Rockland and I spoke.  The committee suggested that I set up a website and print up some cards, so that people coming to the meeting could follow up with me.  I took their advice and set up the blog you are reading now.   I've always been intrigued by the idea of a blog, but had never done anything like this before.

Well, the response has been incredible.  The blog you are reading now got over 500 page views in the first month of its existence.  I have been receiving e-mails from people who were at the meeting, as well as people who have been contacted by people who came to the meeting.  I've gotten messages all the way from Israel to Alabama and they keep on coming.

Carol (Angstreich) Zimmerman who lives in Fairhope, Alabama has sent me some newspaper clippings and personal photos from 1946, 1947, and some from the early 1950's,  which I have added to this online album.

Please take a look and write comments below the pictures.

In an amazing coincidence, I found out from Adath Israel Rabbi Daniel Grossman that Tal Brody, who was the subject of a blog posting two weeks ago, was in the area last week.  I found out Tuesday evening and was able to meet up with him at Abrams Hebrew Academy in Yardley on Wednesday.  He came to speak to the children about his career, starting out playing Biddy Basketball at the old YMHA on Stockton Street.  I showed him some of the JCC pictures that I included in the 2000 interview that I posted.  In fact, he asked me to send those photos to him, which I did.  I shot some video of him and hope to upload it to the blog in the coming weeks.  He spoke fondly of his days at the JCC and in Trenton.  Probably the neatest moment came when he explained how after leading Tel Aviv-Maccabi Elite to its first European League Championship in 1977, a reporter put a microphone in his face and he said, to paraphrase, that the victory, "put Israel on the map, not only in basketball, but in everything."   A group of Israeli teachers started singing a song based on those very words, which have become part of the pop culture of Israel.

Please keep telling your friends what we are doing and direct them to this website.  Keep those e-mails coming.



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